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3House Homestay is set in the foreground of beautiful Bukit Timah nature reserve where the temperature is always cooler than other parts of the city.  It is easily accessible to transportation routes, shops and shopping malls.  There are also 24 hour eateries and a supermarket within walking distance.  We welcome you to enjoy the peace and fresh air with us!

  • We provide homestay and guardianship services. Daily housekeeping, room cleaning and home cooked meals.
  • Warm family environment and well-maintained surroundings.
  • Established in 2009. Over the years, we have hosted students from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Korea & Japan.
  • Many of them have become good friends.
  • Located next to the nature reserve, with access to 24-hour eateries and various amenities.
  • Luxury homestay in Singapore
  • Single or Twin Sharing rooms available. Separate rooms for girls and boys.
  • Free high speed Wi-Fi internet access.
  • Security CCTV installed in common areas
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3House Homestay is your home away from home. At 3Househome is where family values of love, kindness, goodness, patience, peace and joy is cultivated.  We see and believe in the goodness and potential of every child.

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5 minute walk to St Francis Methodist School
Nearby private schools:
  •     St Francis Methodist School 
  •     ACS International School
  •     Nexus International School
  •     Chinese International School
Nearby government schools:
  •     Methodist Girls’ School
  •     Regent Secondary School
  •     SIM, MDIS
  •     Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  •     Clementi Secondary School
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Quality Home Stay Experience

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  • Luxury homestay in Singapore
  • Single or twin sharing rooms available
  • Separate homes for girls and boys
  • Big, clean and spacious rooms; attached bathrooms available (subject to availability)
  • Free high speed Wi-Fi internet access
  • Security CCTV installed in common areas
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  • Our tutors are from local and foreign universities.
  • Besides improving school grades, we also provide counsel and encouragement.
  • Develop skills such as communication, understanding, confidence and perseverance.
  • Tutorials are tailored individually according to your child’s needs.
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  • Group activities 2-3 times a week
  • Gym, swim, jog, drums and other co-curricular activities shall be carried out during this time
  • Study supervision
  • Excursions – local and Asia region
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  • Mr Gabriel Tan

    University of Alberta (BA, Economics & Human Geography)...

  • Mr Joshua Wong

    BCom (Human Resource Management & Marketing)...

  • Mrs Grace Wong

    Bachelor in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore....

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