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    Homestay Accomodation Singapore
    Homestay Accomodation Singapore Are you keen on sending your child to Singapore to study? Singapore is a good place to place to study and grow up. Singapore is rated one of the safest in the world and also one of the top...
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    Student Guardianship Services
    Student Guardianship Services Singapore At 3House Homestay, a student guardian is provided for each student. While the student’s guardian responsibilities is non-exhaustive, his/her primary responsibility includes paying special attention to the child’s needs, well-being and academic progress. 3House¬†Guardianship is catered for children...
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    Student Tuition
    3House enlists qualified and experienced in-house tutors to ensure that your child’s academic needs can be met. We have tailored program and revisions schedules prior to major examinations and tests, to ensure that your child is always sufficiently prepared. Our tutors also...
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  • What to note for a homestay location for students
    Are you planning to send your child to Singapore to study for the long term and you are not able to move over to Singapore to take care of your child and will prefer to have an adult to care for him or her to ensure that she is well taken care of and if...
  • Reasons you should consider Homestay Services in Singapore
    Singapore is one of the top places to study in. Singapore is currently ranked one of the top five countries in the world in terms of education ranking and this does not come as a coincidence. Find out about the OECD PISA ranking here:¬†–FINAL%2020%20June%202013.pdf Singapore has a great system to ensure that all students get...
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